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Position Title: Event Coordinator

Location: The preferred location is in Dallas, TX

Department: Global Resource Team

Reports to: Senior Program Coordinator

This position is: Full-time and exempt.

The Event Coordinator reports to the Senior Program Coordinator and is primarily responsible for planning, organizing and executing all Launch Global domestic and international events. This includes but is not limited to, LG’s annual Staff Gathering and Goer Gathering as well as other staff conferences, internal and external trainings, organizational fundraising events, and new staff orientations. As a member of the Global Resource Team (GRT), the Event Coordinator liaises between the GRT and ministry leadership to execute events with operational and programmatic excellence and efficiency.

Equal Opportunity Employer

Launch Global is both an equal-opportunity employer and a Christian organization. We conduct hiring without regard to race, color, ancestry, national origin, citizenship, age, sex, marital status, parental status, political ideology, or disability of an otherwise-qualified individual.

Pursuant to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Section 702 (42 U.S.C. 2000e I(a)), Launch has the right to, and does, hire only applicants who agree with Launch Global’s Statement of Faith, vision and mission, and conduct themselves in accordance with our religious beliefs.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

  • Uphold Launch Global’s mission and vision with every event.
  • Create and execute an annual communication plan for all events including timely and relevant information for all stakeholders.
  • Collaborate with all departments to coordinate events and delegate tasks as needed.
  • Hire personnel as needed across all functions of an event (ex: registration, setup, catering, audio/visual). Maintain relationships with volunteers from past events to invite back. Negotiate pricing with vendors.
  • Handle day-to-day administration of events and programs, including order placements, BEO reviews, vendor monitoring, travel planning, food and beverage reservations, attendee participation, registration counts, RSVP tracking, supply inventory records, and issues resolution.
  • Travel to venues early for event preparation and for site visits during venue searches.
  • Design and decorate venues and materials based on event themes.
  • Formulate packing list for guests based on event schedule.
  • Schedule event activities.
  • Conduct event kick-off meetings, post-event surveys, and close-down meetings with relevant stakeholders.
  • Develop and maintain event budgets with approval of the CFO.
  • Create a minute-by-minute plan for the execution of the event.
  • Be available to answer any and all questions that guests or staff might have before, during, and after the event.
  • Manage a team of volunteers during events.
  • Weekly 1:1 meeting with the Senior Program Coordinator.
  • Maintain personal ministry account financial support.
  • Plan for potential scenarios that could impact the integrity of the event.
  • Maintain a working knowledge of the complex needs of a wide variety of events.
  • Address potential problems that arise at events.
  • Comply with all national and local regulations.

Education and Experience

  • Relevant education and experience preferred;
  • Ministry/nonprofit experience preferred.

Skills and Abilities

  • Excellent project management skills;
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills;
  • Ability to manage relationships with multiple vendors;
  • Ability to negotiate;
  • Displays core values of humility, eagerness, and excellence;
  • Takes initiative what needs to be done and implements it;
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills, including ability to prioritize appropriately;
  • Ability to juggle multiple tasks seamlessly;
  • Solid judgment and decision-making skills;
  • Interpersonal skills to handle situations with confidentiality, poise, and tact;
  • Ability to foster team development and healthy team culture;
  • Work well under pressure and deadlines;
  • Willingness to pursue a healthy work, life balance;
  • Ability to assess and implement improvements;
  • Ability to think critically and resourcefully.

Additional Job Requirements

  • Participation in monthly Day of Prayer and Evaluation
  • Understand, affirm and adhere to Launch Global’s Statement of Faith
  • Agree to uphold Launch Global’s vision and mission:
    • Vision: The multiplication of healthy churches among unreached people groups
    • Mission: Launch Global exists to mobilize churches to develop laborers and leaders who multiply healthy churches among unreached people groups
  • Demonstrate all the character, Launch Global, and biblical values as stated in the Launch Global Staff Handbook (to be verified before hire)
  • Uphold a close and growing relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Participate in a child safety training program upon hire and other similar employment-related requirements.

To apply for this job please visit launchglobal.bamboohr.com.

To apply for this job please visit launchglobal.bamboohr.com.

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