Team Member Among Afghan Muslims in Metro New York

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Mission Description Summary

A Global Gates Afghan Team Member will work full-time alongside the Missions Catalyst within a comprehensive strategy to multiply disciples and churches among a focused unreached people group. Global Gates understands that each person brings unique gifts and abilities to the missionary task. The Missions Catalyst will define the Team Member’s role based on the convergence of the missionary’s calling and skills with the strategy to reach the people group. Areas of focus could include teaching English, community development, evangelism, prayer, discipleship, fundraising, social media, research, website management, volunteer coordinating, or other areas deemed strategic by the Missions Catalyst. The Team Member should prioritize living in Concentrated Areas in New York unless pre-existing relationships in New Jersey may deem more strategic.

Major Responsibilities and Function

Major responsibilities and functions will be determined by the Missions Catalyst, but everything that is done will feed into the larger strategy of gaining access to a people group to share the gospel and multiplying disciples, churches, and leaders among the people group.

Why is this position needed?

Afghans live in other major metros across North America, but over 30,000 live in Metro New York City with tight connections throughout their homeland. Only a few known Afghan believers live in New York and only a handful of local churches recognize the opportunity to reach Afghans locally and globally. There remains a great need for more laborers.

To apply for this job please visit

To apply for this job please visit

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Reaching the ends of the earth through global gateway cities.

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