Recruitment Specialist

The Recruitment Specialist will fill staff and volunteer vacancies by executing proactive recruitment strategies for open positions; utilizing innovative online tools, techniques, and traditional recruitment methods to identify qualified candidates; and building a network of like-minded, top-tier talent. This individual will provide management and coordination for various interview processes for East-West teams and opportunities, including support-raised and missionary roles, general funded roles, volunteer opportunities, and internships. Additionally, the Recruitment Specialist will build and maintain a strong knowledge of the hiring requirements for each position, overseas ministry locations, and East-West goals and initiatives. Throughout a candidate’s application process, this individual will conduct interviews, perform reference checks and leadership assessments to assess a candidate’s fit for the position and work closely with the hiring manager and team to identify key responsibilities and characteristics of the ideal candidate. This position is responsible for playing the part to achieve the bigger mission of East-West and for ensuring that all recruitment efforts are clearly aligned with East-West’s vision, mission, values, Statement of Faith, and biblical principles.

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