Join a Table Discussion Groups to Network around a Common Topic

Table Group Discussions provide a fantastic way to connect with peers and colleagues over dinner while conversing on specific issues relevant to your role or ministry. We have slated the following discussions for dinner on Wednesday and Thursday.

Location: You’ll find these tables in Palms Ballroom I. Follow the signs for Table Discussion Groups and grab a seat at the table. Seating is limited so be sure to arrive early.

Wednesday Evening Table Discussion Groups

Table 1A Globalized Workforce
Facilitator: Dave Hall, TEAM
Is your organization taking steps to globalize its workforce and leadership, serving alongside people from outside its historical geographic and ethnic constituencies? If so, what are the lessons learned and the challenges involved?
Table 2Best Practices for Diaspora Ministry
Facilitator: Kevin King, International Project
God is divinely orchestrating global migration, giving us an opportunity to reach the nations in our midst. This table group will discuss best practices for reaching the diaspora as well as effective partnerships.
Table 3In Person and Online Missionary Training
Facilitator: Grant Haynes, Global Frontier Missions
Join us as we compare notes and best practices on what different organizations are doing to prepare their missionaries in person or online with the knowledge, character, and skills to be effective cross-cultural servants.
Table 4
Cutting-edge Missions Innovation
Facilitator: Brendon Wung, Biblical Ministries Worldwide
Serving the modern generation requires a fresh look at how we can leverage technology, apps/programs, tools, recruiting missions events, fundraising, etc. Come discuss ways you are currently looking to innovate. Be prepared to share ideas and experiences that will encourage and benefit all who attend!
Table 5Facilities – How Important Are They?
Facilitator: Matthew Lethbridge, ABWE
How important are facilities? Churches, seminaries, schools, hospitals? Join us as we discuss the role of these in carrying out your organization’s mission.
Table 6Let’s Talk About Outsourcing
Facilitator: Nicole McAllister, Tenfold BPO
This discussion will be a free-flowing exchange of ideas about the benefits and risks of outsourcing.
Table 7Opportunities Among International Students
Facilitator: Richard Mendola, International Friendships
The mix of international students is changing: more Indians, Nigerians, Bangladeshis; less Chinese. There is a new openness among Muslim international students. There is a new initiative called Peace feasts. Let’s discuss together.
Table 8Orphans, Widows, and Mission Trips
Facilitator: Tory Ruark, Standards of Excellence in Short-term Missions
Are your mission trips helping or hurting orphans and vulnerable families? We’ll discuss how we help, hurt, and what we can do better!
Table 9Reach the Middle East with Social Media
Facilitator: Janine Rembas, Reach Beyond

If your church’s mission includes witnessing to the ends of the earth, is social media a way to do that? Let’s share dreams, experience and ideas.
Table 10Virtual Volunteering for Global Missions
Facilitator: Scott Elequin, Tentmakers Network
Our team is working on a system that connects skilled volunteers virtually to global mission organizations. We would love to get energetic feedback, opinions and lessons learned and share our experiences from our production pilot.

Thursday Evening Table Discussion Groups

Table 1Care and Protection of Vulnerable Children
Facilitator: Stephanie Robinson, Faith to Action
Do you have a heart for vulnerable children around the world? Come and meet other Christian leaders who are working to improve the lives of children for Christ.
Table 2Coaching in Missions
Facilitator: Keisa Capers, Coaching Mission International
Join us for this opportunity to connect & network with fellow Missions Coaches or talk with others about becoming a missions coach or integrating coaching in your ministry.
Table 3Digital Nomads as Missionaries
Facilitator: Frank Yang, UB Global
Remote work is enabling Christians to work a ’secular job’ internationally while being a part of a missions team overseas. Come to discuss possibilities & experiences.
Table 4Gospel Movements in the Global Diaspora
Facilitator: John Baxter, NextMove
How can mission groups work together to learn about movements of gospel multiplication occurring in the global diaspora, and how these movements affect the cultural homelands, especially among UPGs?
Table 5Redeploying Returning Missionaries Among the Diaspora
Facilitator: Grant Haynes, Global Frontier Missions
Join us as we discuss how we might best be able to redeploy missionaries returning from the field into diaspora communities where their language, culture, experience, etc. can be leveraged to reach the nations and unreached in our midst.
Table 6Why Do We Talk So Highly Of Collaboration And Do So Little?
Facilitator: Keith Sparzak, Community Bible Study
Virtually everybody loves the concept of collaboration. It is a glowing topic of conversation at many missional gatherings. However, when the events end and leaders return to their appointed positions, the afterglow fades. WHY?
Table 7Women and Leadership: Sorting Out our Practice
Facilitator: Wendy Wilson, Women’s Development Track
When it come to our views and practice on women and leadership/public ministry, our organizations have all absorbed a combination of historical and theological tradition. How do we continue the pursuit of Kingdom culture in our era?
Table 8Robust Sending in Difficult Places
Facilitator: Steven B, Frontiers
How can sending structures equip cross-cultural workers to persist in their calling even when their context requires them to pivot from their present way of financial provision?