Sponsor-Exhibitor Helps

Counting the Cost – 2022 Sponsor-Exhibitor Helps

Thank you for your partnership in the 2022 Mission Leaders Conference! We value your investment which enables us to host the Mission Leaders Conference. We know that your presence and the products, services, and provide will enhance the Great Commission ministries we serve.

To ensure your preparation, set up, and on-site days go well, please read carefully the following information and sign the compliance agreement at the bottom.

Conference Schedule

A more detailed schedule will be in the conference program you’ll receive upon arrival. The conference app will be released before the conference and will provide easy access to the schedule and other useful information.

Sep 28


8:00am | Pre-Conference Sessions

2:00pm | Opening Session

3:00pm | Exhibit Hall / Break

3:45pm | Workshop Set 1

5:00pm | Open Networking

5:30pm | Dinner

7:00pm | Plenary Session

8:30pm | Meet n’ Greet Receptions

Sep 29


7:00am | Women’s Executive Leadership Breakfast

8:30am | Workshop Set 2

9:45am | Exhibit Hall/Break

10:30am | Focused Networking

12:00pm | Lunch / Networking Luncheons

1:45pm | Workshop Set 3

3:00pm | Exhibit Hall/Break

3:45pm | Workshop Set 4

Open Networking

5:30pm | Dinner

7:00pm | Plenary Session & Award Ceremony

8:30pm | Meet n’ Greet Receptions

Sep 30


9:00am | Workshop Set 5

10:15am | Exhibit Hall/Break

11:00am | Closing Session

12:00pm | Conference Over

Hotel Venue

The venue for the 2022 Mission Leaders Conference is the Rosen Centre.  Please note, there are 2 Rosen Hotels attached to the Convention Center. Be sure to select the Rosen Centre (and not the Rosen Plaza) when booking your hotel room. 

Rosen Centre | 9840 International Dr | Orlando, FL 32819

Be sure to reserve your hotel room. The Conference Group Rate ($125/night (+ tax)) ends at 5:00pm on Friday, August 26 or sooner if the group-rate block is sold out. You can book your room using the following reservation link: Missio Nexus

You can also call toll free at 1-800-204-7234 to book. Be sure to mention you are attending the Missio Nexus Conference to get the group rate. There is a limited amount of king bedrooms in the hotel. Please make a note when making your reservation if a king bed is preferred and the front desk will do their very best to accommodate all requests based on availability.

Check-in is at 3:00 PM. Check-out is at 11:00 AM. 

Exhibit Hall Location and Set-up

The Exhibit Hall will be in the Executive Ballroom on the main level of the Rosen Centre. Your organization’s name will be displayed on a 7”x44” sign at your booth. You may replace that sign with your own signage. If you ship your items via the conference decorator, Alliance, it will be delivered to your booth prior to set-up time. Whether you are bringing your own exhibit materials or using Alliance, each exhibitor must unpack their own supplies. If you choose to hand carry your exhibit, you may unload at the side door entrance near the Executive Ballroom.

Exhibitor Information Form

Please take a moment to complete the Exhibitor Information Form. This will provide us with needed information for Alliance and for conference communication. Some of the information will be used to create your listing in the conference materials. Please submit no later than July 8th to ensure your listing is included in the conference app and program.

Exhibit Booth

A 6’ skirted table, 2 chairs, and a wastebasket will be in your 8’ (deep) x 10’(wide) pipe & drape booth. Plan for your entire exhibit to fit within your allotted booth with no spillage into the aisle or disrupting line of sight to neighboring booths. You may place a display or banner on your table, but the combined height of table and display/banner may not be more than 8′ high unless you choose a booth against a wall. Take care that the sides of your booth/display do not restrict line of sight for the neighbors to your right and/or left. 

Exhibitor Booth Set-up Hours

  • Tuesday | September 27 | 3:30 – 6:30pm 
  • Wednesday | September 28 | 8:00 – 10:00am

Your booth must be completely set-up by the time the Exhibit Hall opens at 10:00am on Wednesday, September 28.

Exhibit Hall Hours

Exhibitors are expected to be at your booth during the official open hours posted below. Refreshment breaks will be in the Exhibit Hall when the largest concentration of attenders will be present. The break tables will be set up prior to the scheduled break time, but exhibitors are requested to wait until attendees have been through the line. The Exhibit Hall is closed during dinners and the evening General Sessions. Though attendees may browse during hours other than those posted, you are only obligated to be at your booth during “Open” hours.

  • Wednesday, September 28 | 10:00am – 5:30pm | 8:30pm-9:30pm | Breaks at 3:00pm, 8:30pm
  • Thursday, September 29 | 9:30am – 5:30pm | 8:30pm-9:30pm | Breaks at 9:45am, 3:00pm, 8:30pm
  • Friday, September 30 | 8:00 – 11:00am | Break at 10:15am


Although there is general hotel security, neither the Rosen Centre nor Missio Nexus is responsible for items left at your booth. When not at your booth, it is recommended you cover your table with a cloth that you supply. If you have concerns, take valuables with you. The doors will be locked overnight.


Alliance Nationwide Exposition is the conference decorator and drayage company. Full information about their products and services will be found in their Exhibitor Manual to be posted here in late spring. Your contact information will be sent to Alliance in late April. They will email you information on how to login to their site. Regardless of whether or not you use Alliance for your exhibit shipment, in order for your booth to be set up, all exhibitors must set up an account with Alliance.

Though it is not cost effective, shipping via Fed Ex to the hotel is an option. Check back here for more information.

Representative Check-In

Be sure you register for the conference prior to arrival. Your registration includes admittance to all scheduled events and meals, between Wednesday 2:00pm through Friday noon. Breakfast is on-your-own but there are several different restaurants and snack bars in the hotel where breakfast can be purchased. There is also a Denny’s, McDonald’s and Dunkin Donuts within walking distance.

Check-in is at the Help desk inside the Exhibit Hall (not at the general attendee check-in outside the Exhibit Hall) where you will receive the appropriate name badge and conference packet. 

Sponsor-Exhibitor Check-in Hours 

  • Tuesday | September 27 | 3:30 – 6:30pm 
  • Wednesday | September 28 | 8:00 – 10:00am 

Even if you have your own name badge, for security and identification purposes, all exhibitor reps must wear the conference name badge.  

Conference Bookstore

The 2022 Mission Leaders Conference will include a large conference bookstore located in the Exhibit Hall which will be provided by Ten of Those. If you have books or products that you would like to offer for sale at the conference bookstore, instructions to do so will be provided here. Please check back in the summer.

Exhibitors may not distribute literature or other promotional materials outside of your booth unless it is part of a sponsorship and then only in the designated room(s) and time(s) of your sponsorship.


Your display booth is to remain fully intact until the break ends at 11:00am on Friday, September 30. Exhibitor tear down is from 11:30am to 1:30pm. Alliance will be tearing down from 1:00pm to 5:00pm.

Electricity and/or Internet

There is conference-wide Internet but if you want to ensure a strong Wi-Fi signal for your booth, you may want to order Internet. Whether you require electricity and/or Internet, the request form(s)will be available in the Exhibitor Manual. 

Conference App

The Mission Leaders Conference App which goes lives 3 weeks prior to the conference provides information about the conference programming, hotel map, session descriptions, speaker information, and attendees. Missio Nexus’ policy is that the attendee list is not to be used for mass communication, but to help contact 1) someone you already know/with whom you have an account or 2) someone you want to connect with during the conference and who has agreed to receive your communication. Thank you for respecting this policy.


All exhibitors need to secure adequate insurance coverage for all equipment and personnel. Missio Nexus, Rosen Centre, or any subcontractors of either, are not liable for loss, damage, or injury. To protect all interested parties, please add Missio Nexus and Rosen Centre as additional insured parties to your liability coverage for conference dates. Be prepared to provide your certificate as evidence of coverage, if requested to do so.


Though the hotel has general security please note that by exhibiting at the 2022 Mission Leaders Conference (including Tuesday set-up time), Sept. 27-30, 2022, the exhibitor agrees to release, defend, and hold harmless Missio Nexus and Rosen Centre and their agents and employees from and against any and all losses, costs, damages, liability, and expense, (including attorney fees) arising out of or resulting from an accident, bodily injury, property loss or damage, or other occurrences to any person or persons including the exhibitor, its agents, employees, and invitees arising out of or resulting from exhibitors’ use and occupancy of the exhibit area at Rosen Centre, Orlando, Florida.

Protection of Hotel and Decorator Property

Exhibitors may not tape, paste, thumbtack, nail or otherwise affix signs or posters to the hotel walls or booth draping. If any signs or posters are leaned on the walls, they must be properly padded so as not to cause damage. If any damage is caused to the hotel or draping, accidentally or otherwise, the exhibitor will be billed for the full cost. You may hang signs or banners at the back of the booth by using your own “S” hooks that hang on the horizontal pipe. Easels, bulletin boards, and other products may be rented from Alliance.


July 8: Exhibitor Information Form

July 8: Print Program Ad – if included in your Sponsorship or purchased with an Exhibit

August 26: Hotel group rate ends (or sooner if the group-rate block is sold out before then)

September 9: Last day for conference registration.

Compliance Agreement