Singleness, Sexuality, and Marriage: Theology and Application for Missions

Wednesday | 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Culture is rapidly changing with respect to marriage, singleness and sexuality. Mission organizations need biblically grounded tools and resources to provide constructive responses to these changes relevant for all cultures. How do we respond to the cultural challenges? How do we live out the reality of who we are in Christ as we serve together? How do we effectively value and leverage every member?

Learning Objectives
This event will equip participants to develop answers to these questions through:

  • Understanding the cultural trends on singleness and marriage around the world
  • Presenting a fresh biblical perspective on singleness, marriage and sexuality
  • Addressing issues and challenges of sexuality
  • Providing research and feedback from missionaries across the globe

This workshop will be facilitated by Shoulder to Shoulder, an initiative of One Another Ministries.

Presented by

Barry Danylak, PhD
Suzy Grumelot