Prayer Opportunities at SHIFT

Have you ever wondered how to minister in prayer to others in meaningful and healthy ways? How can we make our prayer for others compassionate and encouraging? Prayer ministry sometimes causes us to have mixed intentions and lack clarity about how to pray – how do we discern if the way that we minister in prayer honors the person receiving prayer and God?

Missio Nexus will offer prayer at SHIFT for anyone who has need. That prayer need may be physical, emotional, relational, or spiritual in nature. The holistic quality of our lives means that struggles in one area often can impact the integrity of other areas of life.

We are looking for prayer volunteers! Are you interested in being part of the prayer team? You can participate as much or as little as your schedule allows. If the answer is yes, please complete the information below and submit by Thursday, September 7 and we will be in touch.

For those on the prayer team, there will a 90-minute Zoom training on September 14th at two times, 1:00 PM or 6:00 PM. The content is similar so you will only need to attend one of the trainings. This prayer team training will help you learn a Biblical framework to discern and pray for others in healthy and effective ways. Also, there will be a short prayer team meeting Wednesday, September 27 from 12:45-1:45pm, before the conference begins.

Thank you for considering this opportunity serve others during your time at SHIFT.

Our Prayer Facilitator

Bud Simon is an author and speaker currently living in the United States. Previously he served as a church planter, pastor, and regional overseer in Brazil for over twenty years. He has taught and trained prayer ministry teams at churches and conferences in South and Central America, Europe, and North America, recently training more than 700 people during the Asbury Outpouring. He is finishing his PhD (ABD) at Asbury Theological Seminary and completed an MA in Global Leadership at Fuller Theological Seminary. Bud and Suzanne have been married for 30 years and make their home in Wilmore, where he enjoys hiking, woodworking, writing, investing, and friendships in the international community.