Position and Practice on Women: Exploring Issues and Implications

Wednesday | 8:00 AM

Primary Audience
Anyone who feels a need for more clarity on issues/implications

Too many of us have been afraid of getting into a conversation about women in ministry because we really aren’t sure where we are on the subject, why we’ve landed where we are, or how others have come to different conclusions! Evangelicals in the inerrancy camp understand differently the position and practice around men and women in ministry, even within the same mission agency. We want to take this time to let you come to a place of more clarity in your own personal journey as well as reflect on how the issue may impact the men and women in your agency.

Learning Objectives

Together we will:

  • Learn how to have a respectful conversation as we explore together
  • Offer understanding of the variety of views within the inerrancy camp, from Traditional to Complementarian to Egalitarian
  • Explore the variety of practices of Christians, even within each view, in the home, church, wider culture
  • Consider the impact of history/culture on women from the early church through modern missions

Facilitated by

Wendy Wilson
Dr Rob Dixon
Heather Althoff