Mid-Level Discovery: Finding the Hidden Gems in Your Donor File

Friday, 3:30 PM – 4:45 PM

Presented by: Robyn Kennedy

“Do you need to raise more money for your organization? This workshop will help you understand how and why you can – and should – consider implementing a mid-level fundraising program. Attendees will leave this interactive workshop with a readiness assessment, and tools to jump-start a program in an organization of any size. Insights, case studies and bench marking from mid-level programs in dozens of organizations across 4 continents will help participants understand the true value in uncovering the hidden major giving gems within a mid-level portfolio, as well as realizing the growth potential of this critical and emergent area of fundraising.

Learning objectives

By the end of this workshop, attendees will:

  • Understand what a mid-level donor is, how they are different than annual or major donors, and how a mid-level program can provide additional revenue and help uncover major donors within a donor base
  • Have a solid understanding of what a mid-level program is, how it operates in relation to other fundraising programs, and what the associated benefits and investments are in launching a mid-level program
  • Know what to expect from implementing a mid-level donor program, including benchmark data from across a wide range of non-profit organizations across the globe
  • Have assessed their organization’s readiness for implementing a mid-level donor program, including understanding the importance of assessing incremental revenue lift and establishing an acceptable ROI
  • Have tools to take back to their organization to immediately use to create a mid-level strategy

Primary Audience: Board members, leadership, and management staff

CPE 1.5 hours | Specialized Knowledge

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