Leading In What Matters Most

Presented by Jon Burns, President/CEO at Greater Europe Mission.

Jon’s background is as a pastor and church-planter. He held key positions in various Christian mission organizations including Director of Evangelism for Youth for Christ and UK Director for More than Gold, in conjunction with the 2012 London Olympics. He founded the ‘Lionsraw’ movement (lionsraw.org), and was recognized in 2014 as a CNN Hero of the year. In 2015, Jon was honored by her majesty Queen Elizabeth II with a British Empire Medal for his work around the world with children and communities. Jon was commissioned as President and CEO of Greater Europe Mission in January of 2016.

Jon and his wife of 30 years, Sandra, have 2 daughters. Jon is a huge football/soccer fan, as well as an international preacher and a global mission enabler. He loves to travel, ski and watch sports.

The following media was broadcast during the live Focus 2020 Spotlight event on September 24, 2020.