Integrated Holistic Christian Missions

Presented by Enoch Wan, Director, Doctor of Intercultural Studies & Doctor of Education Programs at Western Seminary.

Enoch Wan has been involved in missioloigical education for over 40 years, including directing doctoral programs for 20 years in two US seminaries. He was involved in church planting in metro-New York in the 1970s and metro-Toronto in the 1990s.

In the 1980s, Enoch and his family were sent by the C&MA Canada to the Philippines and Australia where he served as a teaching missionary. In addition, he served as president of EMS (Evangelical Missiological Society) for two terms and is currently serving as the Executive Vice President Administration of EMS. He is the founder/editor of the multilingual e-Journal Enoch has authored a dozen books in English and ten books in Chinese, on topics such as diaspora Missiology, Relational Missionary Training, etc.

The following media was broadcast during the live Focus 2020 Spotlight event on September 24, 2020.


Download Enoch Wan’s PowerPoint Presentation.