Reply To: Innovation Grant Projects

  • Ken Wettig

    January 24, 2024 at 2:23 pm

    Hey Bill, yes, I would love a chance to discuss and brainstorm a potential proposal that I am working on. In short, for the last three years I have been pioneering a model of discipleship cohorts (called SLAQ) among Gen Z and (soon) Gen Alpha. We have two different new initiative’s both of which require significant funding and that I believe would be a great fit for this grant. One (probably a micro grant) has to do with a local outreach to diaspora youth, through mentoring and outdoor adventure. The other (Macro) has to do with the potential of prototyping and replicating our entire model into a South American Context through a partner we have down there. Part of what I am trying to discern is where there is the most “mission alignment” with the Missio Nexus grant. I’d welcome a chance to brainstorm and discuss this to whatever extent you are available and willing to do so. Thanks