Reply To: Ministry Innovation

  • Nate Scholz

    June 20, 2023 at 1:35 pm

    Yes @Patrice (you’re link is also not popping up),

    @Ted Esler told me this morning that there are two kinds of innovators in our circles: Those of us who are seeking to change our organizational structures and practices, and the disruptive entrepreneurial inventors. There’s a balance to be had between being overly cautious and running around breaking things.

    No matter what we’re innovating, we have to also innovate socially. You can’t expect organizational/institutional culture to turn on a dime. As missionaries we go to great lengths to contextualize a the new message of the gospel to unreached/unengaged peoples that we engage. Shouldn’t we then also be better than most at presenting internal change messaging to our own people?

    Tod Bolsinger’s (Canoeing the Mountains) definition of transformational leadership rings in my ears. I’ll get it wrong, but it was something like, “disappointing your community at a rate that they can tolerate.” There is much that is valuable about existing cultures and we need to operate surgically and with an empathetic presentation.