Future Mission Table Discussion Group

Table Discussion Groups

For many, Table Discussion Groups are a highlight of the Mission Leaders Conference. They provide a great platform for networking with others around topics of mutual interest. Volunteer to facilitate a table discussion of your choice or select one from a list of options. Stay tuned for more information on Table Discussion Groups in the weeks leading up to Future Mission.

MLC Table Discussion Group Suggestion

Requests to submit a Table Discussion topic must be received no later than Friday, August 2, 2024.

  • This description will be used in the app and on signage. Please keep it brief and concise.
  • Table Discussion Group Facilitator

    If you are willing to facilitate this Discussion Group, please complete the information below.
  • If you are only available for one of the options, please indicate this below in the "Comments" box.
  • Table Discussion Group Facilitator Agreement

    I understand that the table discussion group is for that purpose - discussion. As such, I will not be presenting a service, product or my own thoughts/view of the topic, but rather will facilitate discussion on the topic for which I am requesting a TDG.

    Recognizing that my table may not fill up with those who wish to discuss my topic, if it is 5 minutes past the scheduled meal start time, I understand that anyone may take an unoccupied seat at my table - even if he/she does not intend to participate in the discussion.

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