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Key Facts

Dates: 40 days of devotionals, starting August 14, concluding with a 3-hour live event, Thursday, September 24 at 1:00 pm EDT


Attendees: Global attendance by thousands of agency and church mission leaders

Speakers: 5 plenary speakers

  • Bob Blincoe, President at Frontiers
  • Rev Dr Kate Coleman, Founding Director at Next Leadership
  • Enoch Wan, Director, Doctor of Intercultural Studies & Doctor of Education Programs at Western Seminary
  • Jon Burns, President/CEO at Greater Europe Mission
  • Ted Esler, President at Missio Nexus

Live Event: 5 plenary speakers, interactive Q&A, 2 award ceremonies, plus more!

Purpose: Focus 2020 Spotlight is a unique experience designed to inspire mission leaders to catalyze relationships, collaboration, and ideas within the Great Commission community.

Theme: The Great Commission: What Is Our Goal?

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Official Hashtags: #MissioNexus #Focus2020Spotlight

Devotional Authors: Joe Handley, Karin Primuth, Matthew Ellison, Michelle Atwell, R. York Moore, Rob Magwood, Donnie Scearce, Aaron Pierce, and many more!

Focus 2020 Spotlight Synopsis

We live in a time in which the entire foundation of the Western worldview is shifting under our feet. Long trusted foundational ideas, from identity to history, are being reconsidered and redefined. Some are swept away in a matter of months while others stubbornly hang on. Both theology and missiology are being challenged and reshaped by the deconstruction brought on by post-modern thought and post-Christian philosophy. As these shifts occur, how do we understand the Great Commission and obey it?

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Join us for Focus 2020 Spotlight, a 3-hour virtual symposium exploring our goal in the Great Commission, Thursday, September 24 at 1:00 pm EDT. Prepare to participate in this live event with an exclusive 40-day devotional experience.

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