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Focus 2020 Spotlight
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The following media was broadcast during the live Focus 2020 Spotlight event on September 24, 2020.

Next Harvest Blessing with Cyrena Dennison

Cyrena Denniston was presented with a distinction we’re calling the Next Harvest Blessing. Ted Esler interviewed Cyrena about her work with Steiger and ways that you can give financially to partner with her to spread the message and hope of the Cross to thousands of people all over the world.

Excelerate Award Presented to YouVersion

One of the best ways to embed values into the culture of a community is to celebrate those members who exemplify key values. The Excelerate Award celebrates excellence, innovation, and partnership. YouVersion received the 2020 Excelerate Award.

Lifetime of Service Award Presented to Luis Bush

The annual Lifetime of Service Award affirms the value of finishing well.  In presenting this award, the staff and board of Missio Nexus celebrate the faithfulness of God as evidenced in a life of service to the cause of global mission. The 2020 Lifetime of Service Award was presented to Luis Bush.