Everything’s Changed! Or Has It? Providing Strategic Financial Leadership in the Midst of Crisis

Thursday, 3:30 PM – 4:45 PM

Presented by: Kent Herr

Over the past many months all of us have been forced to make changes in the way we approach our work. Although change can be difficult, especially in a crisis, it can also provide opportunities to make a significant contribution to the future of your ministry. In fact it’s often in crisis moments that strategic financial leaders are needed most. During this session we’ll discuss how financial leaders can become trusted strategic partners. By focusing on four key areas of responsibility, financial leaders can add value while becoming the trusted partner every leaders needs.

Learning Objectives

  • Discover ways to become a strategic partner as a financial leader.
  • Learn four key contributions every ministry needs from finance.
  • Determine how you can communicate financial information well in times of crisis.
  • Learn how to improve processes while increasing the capacity of your ministry.

Primary Audience: Financial leaders who are to looking to grow as a strategic partner to the leaders they serve

CPE 1.5 | Management Services

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