Price Information 2024

Prices for all available versions (print, print + online, online, etc.)

Library/Group Subscription (100 viewers) – $66.94

Library/Group Subscription (100+ viewers) – $106.94

Individual Subscription (online) – $26.95/year

Individual Subscription (online) – $44.95/2 years

Print Edition – $14.00

2024 Volume/Issue designation

1 Volume = 4 Issues

Particular percentage share of the electronic and the print components of a bundle product. According to our files, last year’s percentage share was: n/a


Preferred payment method and currency

Online renewal/digital payment; additional option – by check or bank transfer

Terms & Conditions

Cancellation policies

Cancellations made within 90 days of subscription start date will receive a refund less a 25% handling fee. There is no refund for a cancellation requested more than 90 days after the start date of a subscription.

30 days grace period

Online Access Information

Access control mechanism(s) (e.g. username and password, credentials may/may not be shared, IP authentication, limited number of concurrent users, OpenAthens, Shibboleth, other?)
Platform(s) on which content is available
Content coverage / archival access with current subscription
Type and scope of access rights after cancellation

IP authentication



Grace period of 30 days before terminating access to the library website.

Open Access Models

Provided that you are publishing any titles Open Access, please kindly inform us about the respective OA model and its terms and conditions (Green OA, Gold OA, Hybrid OA) and send us your title list or a link in case the Open Access information is not yet included in your pricelist.
Provided that you are offering OA transformative agreements or comparable models (Read&Publish, Publish&Read, Subscribe to Open), please kindly send us a sample of the respective agreement or let us know the URL where further information about these models can be retrieved. If a standard split percentage applies to your Read & Publish products, please let us have the applicable rates. In case of customized split percentages, the indication of the respective Read & Publish breakdown on or along with the invoice will be much appreciated.
Please indicate how (e.g. email, newsletter, price list) and at what frequency you will inform us about current developments and new titles in your Open Access program.

Not Applicable

Database Information

Access control mechanism(s)
URL for online access

Terms & Conditions


www.Missionexus.net (if subscribed online, bonus access for Primary contact on www.missionexus.org)

-This subscription is for online use only. If you wish to have a printed copy, you can purchase it at Amazon.com

-You may not re-distribute outside of campus staff and students within 3 months from the date of release of any EMQ issue.-Please ask for permission if you need to redistribute or print any EMQ article. Send your request to emq-subscriptions@missionexus.org

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