Editor’s Note: Networks

Dear friend,

When asked about the biggest changes in missions over the past century, one must mention networks, alliances, associations, and partnerships. Collaboration has the potential to accelerate the mission of the church and we live in an era of unprecedented opportunity to work together. Technology, our understanding of the Great Commission, and the enormity of the task should all push us toward Jesus’ call to unity. Networking is no longer a corporate function designed to advance one’s career. It has become an important tool in fulfilling our calling.

In this issue of Anthology we highlight practical examples of collaboration via formal and informal relationships. I think you will find that the many expressions of working together have changed how we work. This is encouraging. We should be grateful that God has led us in this direction.

Yet, we are leaving much on the table. Our organizations are, at times, silos. Churches located literally across the street have little to do with one another. The gaps between field workers and national churches could be narrowed. Larger scale projects go undone because we do not take the time and effort to dream together. Great ideas are not shared among us as they could be.

As you read I challenge you to ask yourself the question, “What am I working on that could be done better if it was a cooperative effort?”

Lord Bless,
Ted Esler
Missio Nexus