Cybersecurity Checklist

by Lisa Traina

Use this checklist to help ensure that you have the best cybersecurity defenses in place and identify any areas that may need additional focus or resources. Check whether the following components and controls exist in your organization and implement strategies to add better protection.

  • Ongoing cybersecurity training for all employees (including leadership), board members, and volunteers.
  • An Information Security Officer with the appropriate skills and authority.
  • A comprehensive inventory of all systems (both in and out of service).
  • Someone monitoring systems for virus protection, patching, backups, etc.
  • 24/7 perimeter monitoring for intrusions.
  • Sufficient control over mobile devices.
  • A zero-day vulnerability plan.
  • An incident response plan.
  • A formal vendor review process.
  • Periodic vulnerability testing.
  • Annual cybersecurity assessments.

Download the cybersecurity checklist.