Business Continuity in a Pandemic – “Staying Alive…”

Friday, 1:30 PM – 2:45 PM

Panel: Doug Hennum, Dan Brown, and Ron Fleming

Creating a Pandemic Contingency Plan is more complex than a normal IT Contingency plan. It must be undertaken with two major objectives in mind — minimize the health risk to employees and ensure the on-going operations of essential business and technology activities. A pandemic is not a physical disaster. It has some unique characteristics that require the implementation of activities to limit contact such as restriction of movement, quarantine, and closure of public gatherings and ostensively the ability to work in place (remotely) for non-essential employees. Additionally, a plan to ensure ongoing essential business and technology operations must be simultaneously implemented. This session will discuss the key factors in developing a contingency plan for a pandemic event.

Learning Objectives

  • Attendees will gain knowledge and insight in the following areas:
  • Factors to consider when planning for Business Continuity during a major disruptive event.
  • Steps to take now to prepare staff, systems and workflow processes to minimize operational impact.
  • Planning for potential revenue disruption and the operational impact on systems and processes.

Primary Audience: Organizational and technology leaders

CPE 1.5 | Information Technology

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Doug Hennum
Dan Brown
Ron Fleming