Church Mission Leader Networking Luncheon

Friday, 12:00 M – 1:20 PM

Facilitated by: Matthew Ellison

In an age of deconstruction, the Church should not be surprised to find itself confused by words like mission, missions, and missionary. Some struggle to redefine these categories and some seek to reclaim them, while others reject them outright, with or without providing new terms to guide us forward. But words and their meaning matter; our confusion has a cost. Competing priorities pressure, us to stretch our mission definitions as wide as they can go, releasing our people to creatively engage in service of every description. Some churches turn away from traditional mission efforts all together, giving preference to local service and evangelism while outsourcing any cross-cultural effort to those who surely must be more effective than we would be. Many of our churches lack a coherent, compelling sense of mission and if we lose our scriptural moorings, how far will our missions efforts drift?

Join leading missions thinkers and practitioners in a panel discussion led by Matthew Ellison, co-author of When Everything Is Missions and Editor of Conversations on When Everything Is Missions as they discuss the popular philosophy that says every follower of Christ is a missionary and every good, evangelistic, or altruistic work done in Jesus’ name is a missions work.

There is no cost for this luncheon but pre-registration is required. All registrants will receive a free copy of the book Conversation on When Everything Is Missions.