Building a Biblical Foundation for STM Evangelism Among Justice-Oriented Gen Z

Friday, 10:45 AM – 12:00 PM

Presented by: Jenny Collins

Among Gen Z, many are strong justice advocates but may lack comparable zeal for evangelism. This workshop will engage in a discussion about how to express the scriptural mandate for evangelism among Gen Z justice advocates, and how we can help them build confidence and endurance in pursuing evangelism alongside justice outreach. Attendees will gain new ideas and skills for discipling Gen Z short-term missionaries and learn how to demonstrate that evangelism and justice are most effective when joined together in holistic service that becomes a beautiful and full sign of God’s Kingdom. We will examine scripture and seek to move beyond the word/deed debate and ground STM ministry in a biblically integrated response to human physical, social and spiritual need.

Primary Audience: Those who coordinate/lead STMs for Gen Z &/or interested in expressing biblical teaching on evangelism