Blue Oceans: Blind-Spots and Opportunities in Diaspora Outreach – a Panel

Friday, 1:30 PM – 2:45 PM

Moderated by: Mark Avery

This session is designed as a series of three Ted-x type talks from deeply experienced experts on areas that are intuitively important, and yet chronically side-lined in diaspora outreach. Together, they have the potential to affect fundamental changes in diaspora work. We will look at missions from, not just to the diaspora; Integration of diaspora outreach across, not only within, specific focus areas (refugee, ESL, college campus, charity, policy, etc); and finally the integration of local with global efforts such that these reinforce each other. Granted, we all intuitively understand the importance of these areas. The take away here is a greater ability to navigate barriers and bridges to these three areas through enhanced perspective, a “show me” example and resource people for each area. Panelists include John Baxter, Rich Mendoza, Sam George, Enoch Wan.

Primary Audience: Mission agency leaders, church mission leaders, senior pastors, Diaspora researchers