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Benefit Videos


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#24 is Missio Nexus’ offering to get you face-to-face with the people and other organizations and churches that are trying to solve the same problems you’re trying to solve.  Topics are usually led by members of the Missio Nexus community and tend to be pretty focused. In fact, you can suggest the topic and lead that topic yourself if you’re so inclined.  We keep the number small so that the interaction is good and there’s plenty of time for you to explore the issue at hand together. The format is designed to fit into a twenty-four-hour window, so it doesn’t eat up too much of your schedule.

Virtual meetings are great but sometimes it really helps to get face-to-face with others. I suggest you go on to website and check out the upcoming offerings to see if others in the community are getting together for #24 event that might be pertinent to you.

24/7 Media Library

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Missio Nexus has a 24/7 media library. With the computer and a screen, you can see all that we have to offer from webinars, to conferences, podcast audio, book summaries, Leader’s Edge, et cetera.  It’s all available to research and view at your convenience, if you’re a member.  We think it’s the largest repository of material that is specific to the global Great Commission of its kind.

Perhaps, the easiest way to access this information is to use the search bar on our website.

Just put in a key word or two, hit enter and you’ll be presented with lots of resources pertaining to that topic. We’re updating the media library every single month with new items.  And most of the content in the media library is only available to Missio Nexus members.

Author Interviews

Video Transcript:

Sometimes hearing directly from an author gives you insight that you would miss if you just read the book. So Missio Nexus staff interview one author each month, record these, and then we distribute them digitally to our membership. Now, most of these books will have already appeared in Leader’s Edge. So you’ll be able to read the summary, and then hear directly from the author involved. This helps you understand better things that were written about in the book and ask questions you might otherwise not know, like, “Why did you write this book in the first place?”

These recordings are added to the Missio Nexus member podcast as well as the website. You can look for past interviews online. This is one more way that Missio Nexus membership can help you grow and develop as a leader and lifelong learner.


Video Transcript:

Cohort is Missio Nexus’ private social network. Connect your staff with staff from other organizations and churches. Examples of current Cohorts include Diaspora Ministry, Church Mission Leaders, Development and Fund-Raising, Communication Directors and Staff, Finance and Admin, Human Resources and Member Care and there are many others. We’re always open to new ideas and the current list of Cohorts is found on our website.

These Cohort groups are not your typical online form. They use something called Yammer – Microsoft’s community building tool, which provides a mobile app as well as the web-based tool most people utilize. I want to encourage you to go online right now and look at the Cohort offerings. Find your tribe and share your questions and solutions or learning from others.

By the way, we know that there are others outside of Missio Nexus membership with whom you need to connect. Cohort is not limited to Missio Nexus members. People outside Missio Nexus simply need an invitation for you to begin interacting.


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For over half a century, Evangelical Missions Quarterly or EMQ as most people know it, has served the missionary community worldwide by providing relevant, engaging, thoughtful articles on a vast array of ministry topics.

EMQ is one of the top journals from missiologists. It is the premier journal for the North American missions community. EMQ is uniquely focused on field issues.

Missio Nexus membership includes a subscription to EMQ, and we provide it in a couple of different digital formats so that you can access it regardless of where you are in the world in which device or application you want to use. We hope you take advantage of EMQ.

Leaders Edge

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Missio Nexus produces thirty-six books summaries every year. Each month all members receive the summaries digitally. One book touches on Missiology, another book is about Spiritual Formation and a final book is a best-selling business or leadership title. By letting our team curate the best and provide you with shortened summaries, you can choose the books you want to read and stay informed. This saves you time while keeping you abreast of the latest thinking in our field. I want to suggest you check your subscription settings if you’re a member to make sure that you are getting our weekly email, because this contains the links to these book summaries as we publish them.

Now you can also find the archive at and search among the hundreds of books we have summarized for you there.


Video Transcript:

Increasingly, our culture is gaining valuable insights from visual representations of data in the form of infographics. Missio Nexus is committed to bringing you insightful data to help you make spirit-led decisions.  Missiographics is our by-monthly publication of mission data in visual format. Research suggests that infographics are much more effective in communicating data than just a printed article. By presenting data visually, you allow more data to be represented more quickly and with greater impact. Missiographics are not limited to members only. So you can retweet, and post them to draw interest and inform your constituency. I hope you’ll take advantage of Missiographics.

Mission Advisors

Video Transcript:

Mission Advisors are hand-selected people that stand by, that are there to answer some of the questions that you might have about a particular topic.  Sometimes, it helps to talk to a subject-matter expert. We have Mission Advisors, for example, in the Finance, Communication, Member care and many other areas.

If you’re facing an issue you just want to ask a couple questions to figure out how to best understand an issue, then we would like to ask you to a avail yourselves of our Mission Advisors list.  We think you’ll find it to be helpful it provides you not only with their own expertise but also other resources that might be available to assist you.

Mission Leaders Conference

Video Transcript:

The Missions Leader Conference is the largest event in North America designed specifically for those in Leadership and Mission Agencies, Churches and Great Commission Organizations. Missio Nexus members receive a discounted price for the conference.

We hold this conference each September for three consecutive days. It is the premiere event for connecting with your colleagues and partners. We feature times of Worship and Prayer, Plenary sessions with Global Leaders, breakouts, workshops and general networking.  There are also event add-ons, Exhibitors and unique opportunities to engage with others.Missio Nexus is not an organization but a community and this is our annual family get-together. We warmly invite you to join with us as we  work together for the fulfillment of Jesus’ mandate to the Church.


Video Transcript:

If you are a busy Executive or Church Missions Leader, we have something designed just for you. Missio Nexus’ annual Peer 2 Peer Retreat comes in two flavors. One event is for the CEO

or primary leader at a missionary agency. The other event is created with Church Mission Leaders in mind, such as Mission Pastors, Global Outreach Leaders, et cetera. These are not huge events, but intimate and provide for a great deal of conversation about leadership issues

you are facing. In addition, new leaders may consider OnBoard an annual program for CEOs

and Church Mission Leaders who are recently appointed.

Research shows that OnBoarding is a big factor in how leaders are able to deliver results in their first few years of ministry. OnBoard helps of this effort. Encourage your CEO or Church Mission Leader to take advantage of these unique leadership offerings.


Video Transcript:

The Missio Nexus public podcast is produced by-weekly and features an interview with the Great Commission activist. You will learn about the trends affecting missiology and the strategies behind the Global Christian Movement. Each episode is about twenty-five minutes long. And this podcast is available to everybody regardless of membership. So it’s one you can recommend to others. In addition, we host a members-only podcast feed.  This contains almost all of the content in our webinars, author interviews, whatever they might be for members only, even conference proceedings are up there. Sometimes it’s easier to get your content where you’re on-the-go and the members-only podcast delivers all of the digitally- created content that Missio Nexus produces.

For those living overseas, this is a great way to stay abreast of current events in the world of missions.


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Missio Nexus does original research, curates research from others, and invites you to partake in research as we seek to understand how to better fulfill the Great Commission.  Missio Nexus members can download the CEO and Church Missions Leaders report based on surveys conducted in analyzed for you. Highlighting the best admissions research, is a great place to search for questions you might have about our community.  If you have a project that you would like to share with others within the broader community, please let us know.  We would like to unlock your insights for the benefits of many.


Video Transcript:

The webinars produced by Missio Nexus are among the most sought-after services that we offer.

Covering a wide range of topics and issues, these live webinars are also available as recorded sessions to members. And the audio portion is available in our members-only podcast feed.

Webinars are produced twenty-four times each year. By attending these live webinars, you can directly interact with the presenters. We’re very open to receiving requests from the great commission community, but you better get your request in early because these are very popular and the topics in the listings that we offer fill-up quickly in the year. Our webinars are free to members and non-members can attend for a fee. Check our website for huge archival past content. We’re looking forward to seeing you in our virtual classroom.