2023 Ministry Report

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Dear Valued Partner in the Great Commission,

As we reflect on the accomplishments of the past year, I am deeply grateful for your continued support and partnership with Missio Nexus. This year, our community dedicated its focus to the theme of rapid social change and the gospel, culminating in our annual conference, SHIFT.

In the midst of unprecedented social change, marked by shifts in global culture, racial dynamics, immigration, and significant changes within the Western church, the challenges facing global missions have never been more complex. Your support has empowered us not only to navigate these challenges but to advance the cause of Jesus’ mission amidst rapid change – a monumental task that speaks to the depth of our shared commitment.

The year 2024 will mark 50 years since Ralph Winter proposed the people group paradigm. It has been the strategic core of the global missions movement for five decades.

What has happened since it was introduced? How do missiologists understand it now? What does the future hold for this theological paradigm? Your ongoing support allows us look at these questions as the year unfolds.

As we reflect on this year, I am ever mindful that numbers can only tell a small part of the larger story that is unfolding in the Missio Nexus community. Just recently, during a Zoom meeting, I heard of the formation of a large coalition of ministries that originated during a lunch break at a Missio Nexus event. These stories underscore the profound impact of our collective mission, and they are why we exist – to catalyze relationships, ideas, and collaboration among ministries and churches committed to fulfilling the Great Commission.

Thank you for tracking with us. Your support enables us to navigate change, ignite innovation, and fulfill the Great Commission together.

J. Ted Esler, PhD
Missio Nexus

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