An Audacious Mission for An Audacious Church: 7 Keys That Unlocked Antioch’s Missions Potential

Thursday, 3:30 PM – 4:45 PM

Presented by: Matthew Ellison

In Acts chapter 13 we are introduced to an audacious church, the church at Antioch of Syria. Sure, the believers in Jerusalem were the hub of the early Church and can teach us some important lessons, but like many churches today they were reticent to accept the multi-ethnic dimensions of the Great Commission. They focused mainly on reaching people who were culturally like themselves while neglecting God’s commission to disciple all nations. An audacious mission required an audacious church. Antioch was that church, and they led the way which changed the world forever. In this workshop we’ll unpack the Scriptural qualities of a church mobilized for the Great Commission and help participants think about what it takes to cultivate a vibrant missions culture.

Primary Audience: Church and mission leaders