A Third of Us – Panel Discussion

Friday, 10:45 AM – 12:00 PM

Moderated by: Ruth Kramer (Mission Network News)

More than a third of humanity today is denied access to the good news of Jesus. Sixty thousand people, like us in so many ways, are dying every day having never known the opportunity to experience Jesus’ love. How is that possible when we fly across the world in hours and share our latest exploits to a global digital community with the flick of a thumb? Join members of the Alliance for the Unreached as we identify the substantial barriers that perpetuate this reality (some may surprise you), explore current efforts to overcome them, and share key insights from a recent study of American Christians’ perceptions about this problem. Panel presentation and Group discussion. Apply the fresh insights from the panel and your colleagues’ valuable perspectives to an honest self-assessment of your organization’s efforts to address these barriers.

Primary Audience: Mission organizations and church executive leadership