Turning Points

Thoroughly Equipped?

Anthology is not merely meant to inform. We want to encourage, provoke, and stir up action among our readers. The Great Commission matters and so the way we do mission is important. In gospel proclamation we need to be prepared to think and act biblically. Here are some thought-provoking questions on this issue to consider and discuss. Share your comments with us on social media. Follow us @missionexus.

Security Training. As faithful followers of Christ we need to be equipped to go wherever he calls—even if that leads into danger. Training provides us with better tools to survive in hostile environments. What training options should you pursue? What are some practical tools to acquire that may be useful in high-risk areas?

Knowing Where Your Team Is. Having ready knowledge of your team’s locations is invaluable when responding to emergencies. What systems have you found most effective to tracking team members? Do you utilize these tools and properly train staff to respond in the event of a nightmare situation?

What Churches Should Know. Security management within the church can be complicated. Do you control communications about sensitive information relating to worker’s locations? Are you educating your congregation? Have you implemented a “digital watchdog” to be a guardian on the cyber battlefield?

Risk from a Field Perspective. In The Great Commission there is always risk. We must develop our theology of risk before we go to the field. Have you studied risk and suffering? What is necessary to strengthen your resiliency on the field? How will you integrate a holistic risk strategy to  integrate cross-cultural risk?