Tools to Assess and Inspire Ordinary People to Go to the Nations Across the Street and Around the World

Thursday, 3:30 – 4:45 PM

Presented by: Jeannie Marie

Use the Grow to Go Test assessment to help evaluate potential candidates, giving them practical next steps to get ready to go both across the street and around the world. Discover how the What Kind of Global Goer Are You? quiz gives ordinary people self-awareness about what motivates them to engage cross-culturally, and start using the kind of language that will inspire different personality types. Get the plans to create interactive Global Challenges such as Refugee Rations, Discover by Doing and Prayer PathWays—and a group guide—to grow God’s heart for the nations in individuals, small groups, or churches based on Across the Street and Around the World.

Primary Audience: Mission Leaders, Church Leaders, Mobilizers

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