The Things of Earth

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The Things of Earth: Treasuring God by Enjoying His Gifts

Joe Rigney. Publisher: Crossway, 2015.

274 pages
ISBN: 978-1433544736


This book was written to answer a simple question: What are we to do with the things of earth? Embrace them? Reject them? Use them? Forget about them? Set our affections on them? Look at them with suspicious eyes? Enjoy them with a twinge or two of guilt? Joe Rigney offers a fresh perspective to those who are burdened by false standards, impossible expectations, and misguided notions of holiness. Steering a middle course between idolatry on the one hand and ingratitude on the other, Rigney reminds us that every good gift comes from the Father’s hand, that God’s blessings should drive us to worship and generosity, and that a passion for God’s glory is as wide as the world.

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