The Favor Principle

Every leader understands the mission God has given will not be accomplished without the help of others. We normally think about this reality in the context of building a strong team. And for good reason. But it doesn’t take long for leaders to discover we need help from people outside our team as well.

In a relational context, when we need the help of another person, we say, “I need you to do me a favor.” In some situations we qualify that by asking for a “really big favor.” Your effectiveness as a leader hinges as much on your need for favor as it does your ability to build a great team.

Simply stated, The Favor Principle says giftedness and training is not enough; to be effective as a leader you will need the favor of God. Of course this statement could go beyond giftedness and training to include technology and strategy. But you get the point.

The hinge pin moments of your leadership and ministry journey will turn more on favor than giftedness. Favor is not luck or chance. It almost always results from a decision someone else makes on your behalf.

It is important to understand there is a difference between the power of God and the favor of God. As a general principle, the power of God moves in and through us to release God’s blessing and advance his purpose for others. The favor of God moves in and through others to release God’s blessing and advance his purpose for us.

In this month’s vlog, Steve Moore explains The Favor Principle, why you need it and how to position yourself for it.

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