Table Discussion Groups

The 2024 Mission Leaders Conference is the largest gathering of North American church mission leaders and mission agency leaders. Our Table Discussion Groups allow you to engage in meaningful discussions over a shared meal while connecting with other pastors and mission leaders. This provides invaluable networking opportunities and exposes you to new ideas.

Submit a Discussion Topic

Requests to submit a Table Discussion topic must be received no later than Tuesday, August 13, 2024.

  • This description will be used in the app and on signage. Please keep it brief and concise.
  • Table Discussion Group Facilitator

    If you are willing to facilitate this Discussion Group, please complete the information below.
  • If you are only available for one of the options, please indicate this below in the “Comments” box.
  • Table Discussion Group Facilitator Agreement

    I understand that the table discussion group is for that purpose – discussion. As such, I will not be presenting a service, product or my own thoughts/view of the topic, but rather will facilitate discussion on the topic for which I am requesting a TDG.

    Recognizing that my table may not fill up with those who wish to discuss my topic, if it is 5 minutes past the scheduled meal start time, I understand that anyone may take an unoccupied seat at my table – even if he/she does not intend to participate in the discussion.