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Status of Street Children

The Mission Exchange announces the October Global Issues Update: A  Global Status of Street Children

Complex global challenges impact Great Commission activities at every level. No matter how connected and motivated you are as an individual Christ-follower, church or mission leader, you can’t be an expert on everything.

Global Issues Update is a bi-monthly (6 times per year) downloadable webinar that focuses on big picture issues impacting the world of missions. This new resource is free for all categories of membership with The Mission Exchange and $19.95 for others. The October 2009 edition of Global Issues Update addresses The Global Status of Street Children with subject matter expert Patrick McDonald, Chief Executive of Viva Together for Children. With great passion and depth of knowledge Patrick shares about the tremendous need to care for the least of these and exciting ways God is at work. Tonight, 100 million children will sleep under bridges and in card board boxes outside the protective care of a loving family. In Patrick’s words, This is scandalous. Learn more about how you can make a difference in this month’s Global Issues Update.

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