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Status of Evangelicalism in the United States

It has been said that mission is at the heart of the church and the church is at the heart of mission. The health and vitality of local churches is organically linked with the future of mission. As I’ve informally surveyed denominational leaders in our network (34 are members of Missio Nexus), every one responding has confirmed the number of adherents outside the US is much larger than inside. And the US church is in a general state of plateau or decline. A vibrant harvest force requires a growing (both in number and maturity) body of local churches.Few leaders have the wide angle lens on the state of evangelicalism in the US like Leith Anderson, who gives leadership to the National Association of Evangelicals, which represents over 45,000 local churches from 40 different denominations. Is the evangelical church in the United States growing? Is it healthy? Is it impacting culture or reflecting it? What are the major issues facing evangelicals today? How can the challenges we face become opportunities for demonstrating God’s love? What can we learn from the pockets of health?

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