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Anthology magazine is a curated collection of writings by some of the world’s foremost authors, speakers and thought leaders. Each issue addresses topics relevant to the Great Commission Community featuring articles with varied focus from theological exegesis, personal, real-life stories, to practical examples. Anthology is published twice annually by Missio Nexus for the benefit of its members.

Digital Edition

This edition is distributed digitally to Missio Nexus members in both spring (May) and fall (October).

Digital edition (per issue): 2700 issue views, 1200 unique visitors
Format: online, .epub, .mobi, .pdf

Print Edition

The print edition is distributed to attendees of the Mission Leaders Conference in fall (September/October).

Print edition: 1,000 distribution
Format: 7″×10″ perfect bound journal

Advertising Specs

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The following are prices for the spring issue of Anthology 2017:
Full Page (7″×10″) = $2,000.00
Half Page (7″×5″) = $1,200.00
Quarter Page (3.5″×5″) = $750.00

Advertising in Anthology is also available through sponsorships for the Mission Leaders Conference. Learn more.

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