2016 Mission Survey

Missio Nexus announces the release of the:

2016 Mission CEO and Church Mission Leader Survey Report

survey-report-cover-2The survey includes:

  • Over 70 pages of content
  • Feedback from 161 CEO’s and 212 Church Mission Leaders
  • 87 unique charts and graphs
  • 12 articles by mission organization and church mission leaders
  • Comparison studies of 2016 vs. 2013 CEO study
  • Comparison studies of the CEO and Church Mission Leaders survey responses


If you are not a member of Missio Nexus you can sign up today at:  Join Missio Nexus or you can purchase access to the full report for $25.00 at the Missio Nexus Store. As a benefit with membership, this report is provided to Missio Nexus members at no charge.

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