Share Your Insights with The Sending Collective

Are you a mission-sending leader or visionary committed to global Kingdom Building? The Sending Collective invites you to participate in confidential interviews over the next few weeks. As someone on the front lines of missions, your insights are invaluable. By sharing your wisdom, you contribute to building strategic partnerships that enhance our collective mission of serving your mission.

Schedule a 45-minute discussion and be part of a movement that sends missionaries well through kingdom collaboration and partnership.

Schedule your interview here. Together, we can make a difference!

Target Audience

Mission-sending leaders and visionaries engaged in global Kingdom Building.

About The Sending Collective

The Sending Collective was launched to provide a forward-thinking, collaborative initiative committed to supporting the Church in fulfilling the Great Commission. Our goal is to foster a dynamic ecosystem where churches and organizations unite to send well-equipped, empowered missionaries to the unreached corners of the world. The Sending Collective is responsive to the unique needs, vision, and strategies of local churches and the mission organizations seeking to support the sending of their members to disciple all nations.

Your Contribution

By participating in a confidential interview, you provide valuable insights that enable The Sending Collective to forge stronger partnerships and enhance support structures for mission-sending endeavors.

Global Impact

The insights gathered from these interviews will be pivotal in shaping strategies that bolster global missions, ensuring that the collective efforts of mission-sending leaders are more effective and far-reaching.

Schedule your 45-minute discussion here and be a part of a movement that empowers global missions through shared wisdom and collaboration.

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