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MLC2017 Schedule

Wednesday 09/20Thursday 09/21Friday 09/22Saturday 09/23

Wednesday, September 20


1:00 pm

Standards Introductory Workshop – Part 1

David Armstrong, Don Johnson & Kathy Mort
6:00 pm

100th Anniversary Celebration Dinner and Program

7:00 pm

What Your Mission Needs to Know About Internal Employment Investigations – Part 1

Theresa Sidebotham, Jennifer Holloran & Terry Clausen

Reaching the Foreigner Among Us: Church and Agency Partnering Together – Part 1

Kevin King & Bill Kynes

Thursday, September 21


8:30 am

Standards Introductory Workshop – Part 2

David Armstrong, Don Johnson and Kathy Mort

Reaching the Foreigner Among Us: Church and Agency Partnering Together – Part 2

Jenny Yang, Daniel Cho, John Baxter, Nate Scholz & Voltaire Cacal

CIO Roundtable

Doug Hennum

CDO Roundtable

Barbara Bowman & Kristen Shuler

CFO Roundtable: Best Practices

Tim Maxwell

The Basics of Compliance for Missions Organizations

Michael Batts & Sally Wagenmaker

What Your Mission Needs to Know About Internal Employment Investigations – Part 2

Theresa Sidebotham, Jennifer Holloran & Terry Clausen
10:00 am
Exhibit Hall and Bookstore Open
12:00 pm

CEO Networking Luncheon

Dick Birdsall

Church Mission Leader Networking Luncheon

Matthew Ellison & Michael VanHuis

Mission Leaders Conference Opens

2:00 pm

Opening Session

Ted Esler, PhD
2:45 pm
Afternoon Break
3:30 pm

Workshops Set #1

The North American Mission Movement – Today and Tomorrow

Missio Nexus Board Members

How Do I Get My Pastor Engaged in Missions? Cracking the Code

Matthew Ellison

Simple Steps to Cybersecurity

Lisa Traina

The Generosity Project: Understanding Ministry Giving Across Generations

Susie Lipps

2017 Accounting and Financial Reporting Update

Dale Larson

Exercising Our Christian Beliefs Through Policies and Practices:
Can We Still Do That?

John Van Drunen & Stuart Lark

Building a Flourishing Culture: At Home and In the Field

Al Lopus & Cary Humphries

Mission and Church Sexual Abuse Investigations – Caregiving Issues

Theresa Sidebotham & Brent Lindquist

Why Did They Go? Factors and Hindrances

John McVay & Don Parrott

Training Confident Westerners to be Humble Participants in Multi-cultural Teams

Tim Palmer

On Mission: Equipping Short-Term Teams for Cross-Cultural Ministry

Debbie Stephens

From Relief to Development in Short-Term Missions

Greg Seager
5:45 pm

Dinner with Table Discussion Groups

7:00 pm

General Session

Dr. Ramesh Richard
8:45 pm
Evening Break

Friday, September 22

6:45 am

Women in Executive Leadership Networking Breakfast

Jane Overstreet
8:00 am
Exhibit Hall Opens
8:30 am

Workshops Set #2

Leadership in Today’s VUCA World

Jane Overstreet

Missionary Preparation: Distinguishing the Roles of Church and Agency

Steve Beirn

Best Practices in Risk Management

Bob Lipps, Abel Pomar, Ron Wilcox & Karen Gordon

It’s All in the Numbers!

Ray Pokorny

Funding Mission Ministries Beyond Charitable Giving

Dave Moja

Conducting Investigations: A Primer

Duane Early & John Wylie

Yes, They Changed the Rules Again—Updates on Employment Law

Theresa Sidebotham

The Crucible of First Term: Understanding and Helping So It Is Not the Last

Connie Befus

Changing Culture in Sending Missions

Ron Nelson, Augustin Quiles & David Perrin

Are You Energizing or Discouraging Millennials in Your Training and Preparation?

Jim Raymo

What We Are Learning About Effective Short-Term Mission Trips?

Chris Flanders & Larry Henderson

Serving Safely: Risk Management for Staff and Volunteers

Jan Batchelder
9:45 am
Morning Break
10:30 am

General Session


Bible Teaching

John Jefferson
12:00 pm

Lunch and Table Discussion Groups

1:30 pm

Workshops Set #3

Data is a Leader’s Ally: Key Research Analysis for the Modern Missions Movement

Michael VanHuis

Team Conflict: The Church’s Role in Missionary Conflict Resolution

Linda Parker

The Digital Lens: Innovation, Technology Trends, and Mission

Shawn Ring

Nuts & Bolts: Starting a Fundraising Office

Barb Bowman & Kristen Shuler

International Operations: There Are Many Ways to Do It

Andy Keener & Ray Sanford

FLSA and Missions Organizations

Ted Batson, Micah Payton & Sally Wagenmaker

Leadership in Today’s VUCA World

Jane Overstreet

Fully Funded – The Best Member Care Strategy

Steve Shadrach

How Do I Mobilize in My Church

Steve Beirn

Where’s the Pre-field Training Sweet Spot for Short/Mid-Term Workers?

Mark Wenger

Mobilizing the African-American in Missions – No Longer MIA

Ron Nelson

Change That Lasts: Debriefing and Following Through with STM Participants

Kathy Mort & Tory Ruark
2:45 pm
Afternoon Break
3:30 pm

Workshops Set #4

Learning from the Past: Women and Modern Missions

Leanne Dzubinski

Panel Discussion: Mobilization, Missionary Care, Vision

Dave Wilson

Strategic Planning: Managing Your Tomorrow, Today

Joshua Yarbrough & Mark Lincoln

Not Every Donor is the Same!

Brian Hurd

Investment Strategy in Today’s World – Understanding the Macro and Micro Issues in Order to Protect Your Future

Bob Benson & Will Lofland

Issues, Opportunities and Best Practices in Business as Mission

Mark Canada & Nicholas Morgan

Pornography Impacts Families and How You Can Help

Sam Black

Current and Future Trends in Member Care

Laura Mae Gardner

Millenials & Mission: Demystifying and Unleashing a Generation

Jim Raymo

What Can We Learn From the Rest of the World About Missionary Training?

David M. Ruiz

Sex and the Short-term Missionary: Moral Purity Issues in Short-term Missions

Don Johnson

Making Missions Central in Your Congregation

Rick Lowe
4:45 pm
Open Networking
5:45 pm

Dinner and Table Discussion Groups

7:00 pm

General Session

Oscar Muriu
8:45 pm
Evening Break/Open Networking
Cohort Friends, Mission Advisors, and SOE Receptions

Saturday, September 23

8:00 am
Exhibit Hall Opens
8:15 am

Bible Teaching

John Jefferson
9:15 am

Workshops Set #5

Home Office Morale Busters: Is Your Office Toxic or a Tonic?

Marv Newell

Living on Purpose for Missional Impact

Jim Lapinski

Recent Developments Impacting Organizations Involved in Missions

Dan Busby & John Van Drunen

4 Cornerstones to a Fully Funded Ministry Culture

Steve Shadrach

Critical Periods in Church/Mission Relationships: Healthy Functioning After Crisis and Conflict

Brent Lindquist

Fight the Fear of Fundraising

Aaron Babyar

Pooling Our Resources for Evangelism, Discipleship and Church-Planting Training

Mark Morgenstern & Christina Schott

Unveiling the New SOE

Brian Heerwagen
10:15 am
Morning Break
11:00 am

Closing Session

Dr. Anne Zaki
12:00 pm
Conference Closed

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