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We are excited to announce the publication of the April 2023 issue of EMQ!

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This issue explores the relationship between missions and the natural world. Throughout the Scriptures, we see that all creation is called to respond to God’s glory. However, the effects of sin are evident in the destruction of the natural world, which impacts human life and well-being. This presents an urgent need to engage with the wider creation, developing a theology of place that recognizes the redemptive work of Christ in all aspects of life.

The contributors to this issue, including members of the Lausanne World Evangelical Alliance Creation Care Network, have been wrestling with these issues for over a decade. They share their insights and discoveries, providing thought-provoking answers to questions such as whether the gospel has anything to say to the wider creation, and what our mission has to say to nonhuman creation.

But that’s not all you’ll find in this issue. We also explore the gaps in Great Commission comprehension, the missional nature of Bible translation, and two different aspects of quality member care. These topics challenge and inspire us to consider the full scope of missions, from the care of the natural world to the care of those who engage in it.

We hope this issue will encourage you to think more deeply about the relationship between missions and the wider creation. As always, we welcome your feedback and engagement on these important issues.

Click here to read online, download, or purchase a print copy

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