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3 Reasons to Join Missio Nexus

Learn what you cannot learn anywhere else.
Meet people you otherwise won’t meet.
Engage in a community like none other.

Learn what you cannot learn anywhere else.

No other community offers so many learning experiences. We offer best-in-class shared learning within the mission community, Great Commission specific research, books reviews and author interviews, thought leaders briefings, and an extensive digital media library.

Missions-focused magazine published twice annually.
Leader’s Edge
To inform, stimulate and provoke profitable discussion.
Book Look
Connect with leading writers in the Great Commission.
Author Interviews
Understand the book better through candid interviews.
Interactive online presentations on timely topics.
Trends affecting missiology and the Great Commission.
Online Media
Access our entire online media library archives.
Valuable studies, surveys, research papers, and articles.
The leading evangelical mission journal for field staff.
A virtual conference for advancing global missions.
Mission Advisors
Bringing expertise and focused attention to issues.
Plus More
There are many more education opportunities.

Meet people you otherwise won’t meet.

There is no better way to meet colleagues and activists actually doing the Great Commission than being a part of Missio Nexus. We offer large and small events as well as face-to-face and virtual opportunities for you to make collaboration and partnership possible.

Mission Leaders Conference
Our annual conference for mission leaders host featured speakers, specialized tracks and numerous networking opportunities.
Peer-2-Peer CEO Retreat
Executive leadership and networking event with directed peer discussions, case studies, networking, and inspirational sessions.
Church Mission Leader Retreat
Leadership and networking event with directed peer discussions, case studies, networking, and inspirational sessions.
24 Events
A 24-hour immersion on a specific topic with mission activists, colleagues, and leaders to collaborate.
Our private social network provides a means to connect with colleagues in the Great Commission community.
Leadership-Only Events
Special opportunities for leadership to network and partner with other organizations.
An initiative to walk alongside organization CEOs and Church Mission Leaders to adjustment to the new role.
Informal networking opportunity for sharpening ideas and broadening perspectives with like-minded peers.
More Options to Meet
Find more opportunities to connect with others involved in the great commission as a Missio Nexus member.

Engage in a community like none other.

Missio Nexus is the largest association of globally focused organizations and churches in the USA and Canada. Representing over 20,000 global workers, 300 organizations and some hundreds of churches, Missio Nexus invites you to make us better by joining us.
Connect with a diverse and global community of mission leaders in the Great Commission community.
Online Access
Access an array of digital media content, networking opportunities, and collaboration with other members.
Benefits to you and your organization will help equip you to serve in the Great Commission.

Membership Pricing

Choose the plan that’s right for you!


Organizational pricing is based on count of the full-time-equivalent (FTE) employees in the organization, regardless of the organization type. All FTE’s are counted and considered members, including all support staff and field staff. Benefits are accessible to all members of the organization, from conference discounts to product discounts.

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Educational Institutions

Educational pricing is based on count of the full-time-equivalent (FTE) missions professors in the institution. Benefits are accessible to instructional staff of the organization.

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Membership benefits are available to staff and volunteers working with the missions effort of the church.

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Individual membership is for people whose church or organization are not members. Individuals aren’t listed in the directory and cannot publish articles on this website. Accounts cannot be shared within churches or organizations.

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