Preparing Your Church to Send Missionaries


This May 3, 2023 timely Peer2Peer gathering was led by Nathan Sloan, Director of Upstream Sending who shared with us about Preparing Your Church to Send Missionaries.

What are the best practices in raising up and sending out new missionaries from your local church?  How should you prepare your leadership, your staff and volunteers?  What do you need to commit to if you are going to send out missionaries and care for them in a proper way?  Nathan Sloan will lean on his years as a mission pastor and the knowledge of Upstream Sending to help us understand the building blocks necessary to prepare our church to send out the next generation of missionaries.  Whether you are new to this or just need to check your process this next Church Mission Leader Peer2Peer Virtual is for you!

About our Speaker

Nathan Sloan is the executive director of Upstream Sending, a global missions agency committed to putting the local church in the driver’s seat of sending. He is a pastor at Sojourn Midtown Church in Louisville, Kentucky and the author of You Are Sent and Multisite Missions Leadership. Nathan holds a doctorate of missiology from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and is married with two wonderful kids.

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