Participate in the Mobilization Data Survey: Your Insight Matters

We invite all members of Missio Nexus to contribute to our annual Mobilization Data Survey. Your valuable input helps us understand the scope of North American mission mobilization and informs strategic decisions that drive the missions movement forward.

The Mission Mobilization Survey aims to gather essential statistics from North American mission-sending agencies to identify trends in the recruitment, training, and sending of missionaries to unreached people groups globally. This data will provide a comprehensive overview of mission mobilization efforts, enabling agencies to assess their recruitment and placement activities in comparison to others in the field. By taking part, your agency will contribute to a collective understanding that benefits the entire mission community, informing future strategies and enhancing collaborative efforts.

Why Participate?

  • Influence the Future: Your insights contribute to strategic decision-making processes.
  • Access Insights: Participating members receive complimentary access to the final mobilization report, full of valuble insights.
  • Fulfill Membership: As a Missio Nexus member, your participation fulfills essential membership responsibilities.

Click here to participate in the Mobilization Data Survey

Survey Details

  • Open Period: May 15–July 19, 2024
  • Participants: Open to all Missio Nexus member organizations and churches
  • Objective: To gather data that reflects current trends and statistics in mission mobilization

Your Role

Your participation is more than just a response; it’s a commitment to the collective progress of global missions. By sharing your experiences and perspectives, you help shape the future of mission work.

How to Participate

Together, we can create a comprehensive picture of the mission mobilization landscape and drive the North American missions movement forward. Your input is crucial, and we value your dedication to this cause.

Click here to participate in the Mobilization Data Survey

Let’s unite our efforts and make a lasting impact on global missions. Your participation is not just encouraged—it’s essential. Join us in this important initiative today.

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