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On Mission On Demand
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On Mission On Demand Link

On Mission Live Stream Information:


March 10th
12 pm Eastern  / 11 am Central / 10 am Mountain / 9 am Pacific
(Pre-roll starts at 11:40 am Eastern – 20 minutes prior to the broadcast)

Pre-roll: 20-minutes prior to the conference start pre-roll of audio and video will begin to allow you to test your settings.

Speaker Order:

Session 1: (30 minutes) 
Shikou Gitau: Qhala – God’s Innovation Formula
Eliezer Magalhaes: Crossover Global – Spiritual Truths Necessary for Innovation
Andrias Pantauw: CMI – Multiplication and Prayer

Session 2:  (54 minutes) 
Julio Chang: South America Mission – Gospel Ecosystems
Matt Bird: Cinnamon Network – Bi-Lingual Missions
Dr. Bagus Surjantoro: Indonesian Peoples Network – Networking to Finish the Great Commission
Harvey Kwiyani: Liverpool Hope University – Intercultural Mutuality as Innovation in Missions
Dr. Bijoy Koshy: Interserve International – Innovative Missiological Reflection

5 Minute Break
(Approximately at 1:25 pm Eastern)

Session 3: (43 minutes) 
Ruba Abbassi: ACCTS – Reaching Arab Women for Christ
Reuben Kachala: Frontier Missions International – How to Mobilize the Whole Country for Missions
Camille Melki: Heart for Lebanon – Relational Relief
Ray Mensah: OneWay Africa – Lessons Learned Sending Missionaries
Kejdis Bakalli: Global Church Movements – The Amazing Question, An Online Strategy

5 Minute Break (Approximately at 2:15 pm Eastern)

Session 4: (40 minutes) 
Pedro Mateus: Scripture Union Portugal – Family.Fit
James Aberin: SEND International, PSC – Introduction to Digital Missions
Jonathan Fokker: All Nations, Business as Missions – Using Business to Make Disciples, Plant Churches and Reach the Unreached
Ihsan Ozbek: Foursquare Turkey – Creating Resources for a Growing Church

Additional Speakers on On Mission On Demand:
Aila Tasse: Lifeway Mission International: Innovation in Missions
Peter Shankar Nambiar: Malaysia Centre for Global Missions – Innovation in Missions, A Global Perspective
Erwin F.: – International Organization – Continuity and Creativity in Missions

We will be utilizing IBM Watson Media to broadcast the event over the internet.  Once the video player window goes “Live” it has the option to be seen in multiple “modes”.

  • You can go full screen, pop it out, and see it in theater mode.  
  • You can also adjust the incoming audio volume from IBM Watson Media which is separate from the volume on your device.
  • You can turn on closed captions by clicking the CC icon.  
  • You can also adjust the video quality to work best with your internet speed. In addition, there will be a closed caption option by clicking the CC icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • All you need to do to access these features is move your mouse over the video window and they will appear along the bottom.  As you can see in the picture below.
  • Please Note:
    It may take a little bit for the video to show up once you go to the website depending on your browser and internet speed.
    If the video holds it should start again after a few seconds.  If not try refreshing your browser.
    You can pause the video and it will resume where you left off.
    99% of issues are related to your browser, device or internet connection.  See below for recommendations or link to IBM Tech Support for more information.

Platform:  We highly recommend using Firefox or Chrome to view the live stream broadcast.  This is what IBM recommends and our testing has shown these are the most reliable.  You can download both for free online.  You can also view it on your mobile phone on both Android and Mac.  The stream will also work in Safari or Explorer .
Requirements:  A computer or smartphone with internet streaming capabilities.  (For the best experience, we recommend a sustained available download speed of 3.5 Mbps or greater.  We would also suggest using Ethernet rather than WiFi if possible but not necessary.)

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