No Longer from WEST to the REST – The Role of the Church in the West/Global South

Friday, 3:30 PM – 4:45 PM

Presented by: Lazarus Phiri

How well are we navigating the apparent shift in relation to the role and responsibility of the West and the Global South? Is the ‘West’ just passing the baton? Is the ‘West’ tempted to retreat from mission engagement? Is there indeed a continuity or in fact a discontinuity by the West? Is there a place for synergy to be forged tapping into the gifts and abilities of the global church? Is the global South adequately positioned for the mission task? These issues and others related to the subject will be discussed in participatory discussion led by a Majority World missiologist. What could we learn from the last three missional epochs and the related transitions, when the center of gravity for Christian witness was in the ‘Roman empire’, ‘British empire’ and ‘North American empire’. With the center of gravity in place, the economic, intellectual and political control or force were in these empires. Not so, with the global south. Whose mission is it?

Primary Audience: Mission leaders, mission pastors, and missionaries