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MLC2020 Speaker Information

If you are submitting this form for a speaker, please answer all questions with the speaker's information unless indicated otherwise.
  • As you would like it to appear in conference literature.
  • Please tell us where you currently serve.
  • Please tell us about yourself in 150 words or less.
  • Please upload a head and shoulder pose.
  • This is for our information only and will not share this with others.
  • Focus 2020: The Great Commission: What is the Goal?

    We live in a time in which the entire foundation of the Western worldview is shifting under our feet. Long trusted foundational ideas, from identity to history, are being reconsidered and redefined. Some are swept away in a matter of months while others stubbornly hang on. Both theology and missiology are being challenged and reshaped by the deconstruction brought on by post-modern thought and post-Christian philosophy. As these shifts occur, how do we understand the Great Commission and obey it?
  • Focus 2020 Workshops and Breakouts

    Along with the 5 General Session, Focus 2020 offers up to 70+ workshops in 9 different tracks. If you would be interested in presenting in a workshop, please use the space below to let us know your topic(s) of interest or experience and in which track it best fits. Our tracks are as follows: Executive Leadership, Globally Engaged Churches, Global Strategies, Human Resources, Member Health, Mission Finance & Administration, Mobilization, Short Term Missions, and Training
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    Please share with us the following information if applicable to help us market the Mission Leaders Conference.
  • By submitting this form you are verifying you have consulted with the speaker (or you are the speaker) who is in agreement with the answers.

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