2018 Mission Leaders Conference Resources

2018 Mission Leaders Conference – Resources


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North American Network Assembly

Standards Introductory Workshop

Partnering Together Toward Movements

CFO Roundtable: Best Practices

CIO Roundtable

Missions Finance & Accounting Boot Camp

Missionary Training Best Practices – Reboot 2018


Becoming Partnership Friendly – Redefining the “We”

NOT Merger BUT Deep and Generous Collaboration
How to Monitor the Quality of Cross-cultural Relationships
Giving Honor: a Key to Healthy Cross-cultural Partnerships

Flourishing Male/Female Ministry Partnerships in the Era of #churchtoo


Navigating the Landscape of Networks

Q & A Panel with Network Leaders
Developing a Network Engagement Strategy for Effective Partnerships

North America Churches’ Fit in Global Networks and Partnerships

Equipping Your Field Leadership for Effective Partnerships


Everything a Church Leader Needs to Know about Business As Mission
Discipling the Hispanic Church from North America to Go to All Nations
Jesus in the Secular World #1: Understanding Global Secularization
Discipling the Next Generation to Reach the Muslim World
7 Keys to Effective Global Engagement: Unlocking Missions Potential
From Mission Field to Mission Force Latinos Are Stepping Up
Jesus in the Secular World #2: Responding to Global Secularization
Engaging Millennials for Service
Panel Discussion: Mobilization vs. Recruitment


Solving People Problems Through a Strategic Communications Plan

Trends and Trials of Employment Law
Flourishing Male/Female Ministry Partnerships in the Era of #churchtoo

Width and Depth in the Assessment of New Personnel

HR Partnerships Between Field and Home


Member Care and HR Working in Partnership, a Dialogue

Thriving People – Thriving Organizations

Thriving in the Face of Threat

Sexuality in Missions

Global Trends Impacting Global Families


Crisis, Cybersecurity, and Currency – Best Practices
Financial Reporting in the Fast Lane: GAAP Developments and Best Practices

Contracts Common to Nonprofits

Creating a Culture of Philanthropy: Leadership Take Notice!

Lost and Found – Technology Solutions

President/CEO/ED as Fundraising Professional
Recent Developments Impacting Your Organization

Survey of Finance and Administration Practices

Recruiting, Training, and Retaining Fundraising/Development Staff

The Landscape and Technical Challenges of Collaboration
Balancing Act: Restricted vs. Unrestricted Fundraising
Effective Internal Controls in the Electronic Era

Mission Finance & Administration Closing Panel


Insights and Learnings from “Ideation”

Mobilizing in Tandem: the Church and the Agency Shoulder to Shoulder
Synergy for Mobilization and Supoort in Reserve Champlaincy
Where Diversity is Working in Mobilization


Rethinking Orphanage Visits: Child Safe Mission Trips

Making Mission Trips Better

Partnering Together to Maximize Effectiveness: Churches & STM
Preparing Short-term Goers for the Fund Raising Challenge

Healthy Missions Partnerships and Effective Short-term Teams

Screening and Vetting to Avoid Screaming and Venting
International Local Church Partnerships

Preparing Short-term Mission Leaders to Reduce Risk and Respond Well in Crises

Understanding and Leading Generation Z in Short-term Missions

Crisis Management for Short-term Teams


Truth in Advertising – Balancing Idealistic Recruiting and the Realities of Missionary Service

Transformissional Coaching – MultiplyYour Equipping and Leadership Effectiveness
Cultural Self Discovery for Multicultural Interaction

The Varied World of Learning Technologies – Assembling Your Unique Combination

Relationship as the Non-negotiable Foundation for Effective Missionary Preparation
Interactive Adult Learning for Maximum Growth – What? Why? How?


If a handout or presentation is not here, it may be that none was submitted for posting. Check back later.

Arabian Peninsula Network – APN

Arts Network – The Lausanne Movement

BlueMed Network

Central Asia Consultation – CAC

COMHINA (North America Hispanic Missions Network)
COMIBAM Internacional
Community Health Evangelism – CHE
Global Alliance for Church Multiplication – GACX
Global Diaspora Network – GDN
Global Member Care Network – GMCN

Global Mobilization Network – GMN
Honor-Shame Network
IMPACT (Indo-Malay Partners in Action)
Indonesian Peoples Network – IPN

International Orality Network – ION
International Partnering Associates – IPA
International Turkey Network – ITN
Libya Partnership – LP

Missional International Church Network – MICN

Middle East Majority People Partnership – MEMPP
Mobile Ministry Forum – MMF

North Africa Partnership – NAP
Saudi Advocacy Network – SAN
SEANET – South, East, Southeast and North Asia Network

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