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Wings of Grace is a multi-faceted, international ministry founded in 2010 with a mission of reaching teenagers with the Gospel. Our programs are designed to develop long-term relationships with teens so that we can share the Gospel and model Christ. Our primary teaching is that every decision has a consequence; some good, some bad; some consequences are immediate, some long-term and some eternal.  Highlights of our ministry:

–          Teen Flight Program. A teen can earn a private pilot’s license by performing community service hours. We show how aviation principles that make for safe flight work in every-day life and are actually biblical principles.

–          Teen Music Program. Musical teens can master their gift with basic music theory, voice, piano, guitar, cello and song-writing.

–          Tee Home Rehab & Repair. Teens can earn flight or music time by helping with property maintenance in our affordable housing arm. Some of the things they learn as they earn are landscaping, painting, flooring, plumbing and electrical.

–          Teen Business Certificate. This program teaches basic business concepts such as customer relations, cash management, inventory control, marketing and store appearance at our thrift store.

–          Affordable Housing. We have 30+ properties that we rent to struggling families and individuals. This provides us with another opportunity to share the Gospel with unchurched people while bringing in funds for our programs.

–          Housing for Children Aging Out of Foster Care. We are building 24 apartments geared for these children who become homeless on their 18th birthday.

–          Bahamas Mission House. We have a mission facility in Freeport, Bahamas where we host mission teams to assist our Bahamian church partners.

–          Melbourne, Florida Mission House. Our Melbourne facility is used to host teams for various projects in our area.

–          Thrift Store. An amazing ministry to share the love of Christ with customers, raise funds for our programs and to provide training opportunities for our teens.

–          Aircraft Maintenance Facility. We have a regional maintenance facility in Brunswick, Georgia to maintain our airplanes. This facility is also a training center for aspiring Mission mechanics, and a training facility for a major jet manufacturing company.

–          Besides our Melbourne, Florida location, we now have two chapters in Georgia, one in Kentucky and one in Freeport, Bahamas. We are developing teams for future chapters in Maine, South Carolina, Louisiana and Palm Beach, Florida.


Facility Manager Position Duties:

–          Handle tenant maintenance requests

–          Repair or coordinate repairs with proper vendor

–          Oversee maintenance on ministry headquarters, mission home and thrift store

–          Lawn maintenance on several properties (can oversee our teen students)

–          Proactive maintenance on ministry vehicles and equipment


Facilities Manager Position Requirements

–          Evangelical Believer of the Gospel!

–          Active Church membership and sent as a missionary!

–          Requires candidate to be a fully supported missionary, or have resources for self-support

–          Team Player

–          Handyman skills

–          Ability to drive a diesel, 5 speed manual box truck helpful

–          Know limitations on skills – when to call in the experts!

–          Full-time position

–          Desire to work with teens to accomplish goals is a plus

–          Position requires living in the Melbourne, Florida area; Short term housing is available

To apply for this job email your details to dwight@wingsofgraceministries.org

To apply for this job email your details to dwight@wingsofgraceministries.org

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