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A Campus Ambassador is a talented professional who joins our team to actively engage in the lead-to-new-hire process. As a professional who is passionate about mobilizing the next generation in missions, you will help us find the right people for the right roles. You will play a key role in attracting students, evaluating skills, and maintaining strong relationships with students. Your role as a Campus Ambassador is to facilitate communication and collaboration between JAARS and students. You will serve as a bridge, connecting and coordinating efforts to ensure a smooth recruitment process for the student-leads at your assigned school.

A Campus Ambassador is someone who is passionate about discovering untapped talent, driving organizational growth, and helping people develop successful careers. Strong communication skills and an open, kind, and confident approach as a Campus Ambassador are highly desired. We value individuals who think outside the box and demonstrate a track record of maintaining healthy, professional one-on-one relationships.

Position Responsibilities

  • Carry out overall recruiting strategy as given by the Director of Recruitment and promote JAARS brand and messaging on campus.
  • Connect with students at your assigned school and provide ongoing resources and information about serving at JAARS.
    Pray regularly for students and provide mentorship and discipleship opportunities.
  • Facilitate communication with student-leads through acting as a central point of contact for all communication between different individuals, departments, and teams, and ensuring that information is accurately shared and understood by all parties involved.
  • Act as a point of contact and build influential student relationships during the assessment and selection process.
  • Build and maintain strong relationships with internal and external stakeholders through developing a deep understanding of their needs, expectations, and concerns, and acting as their advocate and representative to ensure their interests are represented and addressed.
  • Manage the flow of information for your caseload between different parties by keeping all stakeholders informed about relevant updates, changes, or decisions, and ensuring that all necessary documentation is properly organized and accessible in JAARS People (lead management cloud-based software).
  • Vet student credentials and perform initial review of candidate resumes and assess candidates’ relevant knowledge, skills, soft skills, experience and aptitudes in close collaboration with Human Resources.
  • Remain active with specific job boards and platforms for finding quality candidates and potentially post job descriptions and announcements on those platforms.
  • Communicate regularly with the Director of Recruitment.
  • Represent JAARS at recruitment events at your assigned school.
    Build and strengthen relationships with your school’s career centers, faculty/staff, and discipleship ministries.
  • Other responsibilities as assigned (e.g. classroom presentations, student community events, etc.)

Position Requirements

  • Model a deep and growing walk with the Lord Jesus that includes your personal growth and the ability to support others in their spiritual growth
  • Embrace the vision, mission, and core values of JAARS, and help us live them effectively
  • Flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances, priorities, and stakeholders’ needs
  • Strong organizational skills to handle multiple tasks, prioritize responsibilities, and meet deadlines and creative/analytical mindset with the ability to identify problems, evaluate alternatives, and propose practical solutions
  • Ability to work effectively in cross-functional teams and facilitate collaboration among individuals with diverse backgrounds and perspectives
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills to effectively convey information, ideas, and instructions to different stakeholders
  • Proven success in conducting screenings using various methods (phone, video, email, in-person)
  • Exceptional relationship management skills and the ability to build relationships through building rapport, and building trust and ability to work collaboratively with all departments as well as function independently
  • Willing to travel
  • Experience with Google Workspace, Salesforce, and Sage People or willingness to learn
  • Bachelor’s degree (preferred)

To apply for this job please visit

To apply for this job please visit

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Helping deliver God’s Word.

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