Innovation Fund Grant Application

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Innovation Fund Application

Organization Contact
Organization Mailing Address

Project Details

Please demonstrate the innovation end-user empathy work that has been conducted. In addition, each organization must describe the innovation process and tools they are using and how their approach is different from non-innovative projects.
In other words, please give a detailed overview of your project. (Please be detailed)
Please upload a document with the project leaders picture and biography with testimony and ministry experience.
Max. file size: 40 MB.
Please attach 3-5 high-quality project photos that represent the project.
Max. file size: 40 MB.
List at least three to five measures of success and include metrics when applicable. Example responses can be found below (please delete these and replace with information specific to your project):
Metric Examples:
•10 church planting trainings are held with 80 leaders. Each leader is expected to start 5 groups (400 total groups) with 50% of groups finishing all modules. Each trainee will start 5 home church groups.
•6 new videos are posted online in Farsi with approximately 9,000 unique views per video, per month. 1% of views (540) per month lead to one-on-one spiritual conversations with the team via YouTube and Facebook.
•Church Certification Training with 8 churches over the next 18 months resulting in 90% of participants having created implementation plans as a result of the training.
•41 water wells functioning at 95% and above after 12 months providing access to clean water to an estimated 20,500 people.
•As a result of WASH training, a 50% reduction in childhood diarrhea with 75% of households reporting improved health after 12 months.

Project Budget and Organizational Finances

Provide an estimated line-item budget for the project.
Max. file size: 40 MB.
Attach the most recent financial report (audited if available). Please note, financial reports should include, at minimum, the following information:
• Shows Assets and Liabilities
• Reports Cash and Cash Equivalents
• Shows Revenue and Expenses
• Reports expenses and more particularly, program and administrative expenses.
Max. file size: 40 MB.
Please list your organization’s revenue and expenses for the past three years in USD. Please account for any large decrease or increase of revenue with a short explanation. (If not listed in USD, please provide the exchange rate used from local currency)
Max. file size: 40 MB.